Month 6 Is Getting Some Help From A Dear Friend!

I write today with an overwhelming emotion because my dear friend, Preston is deciding to help me out this month with donations. Take a look at the below post:

So my friend JP Welliver is running 1,000 miles this year to raise $10,000 to support pediatric cancer research through Penn State’s Dance THON, a philanthropy that benefits Four Diamonds at Penn State Children’s Hospital. Given the 18th anniversary of my sister’s passing this week, I thought I would join JP in running to support this cause. It was organizations like this that helped our family through.
So I will be running 25 miles in June (it doesn’t sound like a lot but with six dance rehearsals a week I want to keep things realistic). I’m just looking for $10 per mile- so just ten people to give $25 dollars. I will match the first $250 given to JP’s gofundme page in my name- just include PC at the end of your name or message me or JP to let us know your donation is toward my 25 mile match! “

Day 158 Of The Fight: 464.55 Miles Run

JP Welliver