I Get By With Help From My Friends

When you decide to doing crazy like run 1000 miles over the course of a year in hopes of raising 10,000 for pediatric cancer research, you better darn tootin’ better have amazing people around you that will support you through it all.

Well, I’m happy to say that I have that…and then some in my life. The most amazing, supportive family and friends that I could ever imagine ready to cheer me on and keep me motivated when the times get tough.

And then I have one special guy in my life who has been around for 4 years. My bestie, Devin. Some of you have probably already read about him on my social media or seen pictures, but he’s pretty great. While the world might constantly change, the one thing that is steady and that I know I can always count on, is our friendship. Through the laughs, tears, my reactive moments and emotions, and crucial conversations, he’s always been there to motivate, support, listen and has never turned away. Truly special. I’m just lucky that God placed him in my life. What he doesn’t know yet is that I will be forcing him to run with me at some point throughout this year-long event.

Tonight, I tackled my first night run and it was FREEZING! The nice part was that I got to stop by Devin’s casa to snap a quick photo and warm up for a hot second…and get a few sugar gummies to push through my last .2 miles.

Another 3.2 in the books and we are even closer to the $500 mark! Truly exciting!

Let’s keep the hope alive for all,

Mr. Sunshine :)

Day 6 Of the Fight: 21.49 miles run

JP Welliver