January 2nd started a journey that would prove to be one of the toughest undertakings I’ve ever attempted—trying to run 1000 miles and raise $10,000 for pediatric cancer research over the course of 2019.

Yesterday, after 156 total runs thus far, I celebrated a milestone—the HALFWAY point! 500 miles have been clocked for the kids!

And with just a week left in month 6 and the generosity of 114 donors, we are at a total amount tased of $7825 toward that $10,000 goal!

I’m unbelievably overwhelmed, humbled, and grateful for the support system I have around me as I strive to keep the light inside me alive while also spreading hope to others and inspiring. I would’ve never guessed I would be writing to say that I’m almost at the final goal of my year-long challenge at the halfway point.

We are love. We are hope. We are strong.

Donate today by visiting 1KFOR10K.COM! Or share with your friends and families to get the word out.

Thank you Cake and Cup Bake Shoppe for making a cake to help me celebrate!

Day 170 Of The Fight: 500.3 Miles Run

JP Welliver