Funny How Life Works...

Tuesdays can be a beast of a day. With not being in the office at my full time job on Mondays, it can be a bit overwhelming to walk into the many emails and follow up that are required. And for some reason, it always seems to feel that once one task is complete, 5 more open up.

It’s like there always seems to be no catching up no matter how much effort and energy are put in.

But somehow, it always seems that a positive can come out of all the negative and today it was my co-worker Angela who made a generous donation to my campaign in the wake of the death of her Uncle from cancer.

And the notification about the donation made me cry.

These moments are so special to me and they always show up at the time when I need it most.

Day 49 Of The Fight: 148.2 Miles Run

JP Welliver