Four Diamonds Forever

I saw Mary Poppins Returns last night and one of the quotes that stuck with me is “anything is possible, even the impossible.”

Finding a cure for cancer IS possible. We are only three days into the 1K For 10K year-long campaign and I’m feeling overwhelmed with emotion. Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the cause. It is amazing to see the support flooding in. Thank you to those who have shared their stories on the blog. I encourage all to share and write if they feel moved to do so.

Thank you to Lexi, Kristin, Sally, Wendy, Ellen, Carlene, and Pat for giving me both stories of inspiration and strength when my legs want to give up on the runs through wind and coldness. The fight has just begun and will continue. There’s no stopping my passion or determination.

Will you join me?

Consider donating by checking out 

Together, we will conquer and hope will live on.

Day 4 Of The Fight: 14.19 Miles Run  

JP Welliver