For Wendy

Today’s run was for Wendy. She passed away 4 years ago and the day it happened is still as clear as day in my mind.

It was the first day of my brand new job at Webstaurantstore. I had received a text message right before lunch break about her passing from my friend, Meredith. I didn’t cry because I wanted to stay strong and not show any tears in front of my new coworkers on the first day.

The minute I left work and got in my car, I cried. All the way home. I got into my house (I lived in Lititz at the time) and hugged my roommate Marissa and cried. Just cried. I went up to my room and buried my face in my pillow for several hours with tears still streaming.

That night, I went to see Woman in Black 2 with my bestie, Devin in hopes of trying to get my mind off the emotional roller coaster from the day. After the movie, I specifically remember hugging Devin tightly and breaking down in tears once again.

It is never easy to lose someone, especially a soul that was as vibrant and energetic as Wendy.

I run for you today, tomorrow, and all the days after. Thank you for being a friend and inspiration to all.

Day 11 Of The Fight: 37.39 Miles Run

JP Welliver