Early Morning Runs Are The Best

Early morning runs provide the BEST scenery, especially for the sunrise. Today was absolutely beautiful even though my hands were freezing. Should’ve brought the gloves.

It is amazing what seeing a sunrise does to your mentality. To me, seeing the beauty just makes me think about all the wonderful blessings I have in life and how truly grateful I am.

Each day, I make sure to take at least 5 minutes in the morning and night to think about the people and aspects of life I’m extremely thankful for. You should try it sometime.

We are officially one week into the 1K For 10K journey and it’s been amazing thus far! Looking forward to the many challenges ahead. Don’t forget to spread the word and make a donation.

Until the next miles are run,

Mr. Sunshine :)

Day 8 Of The Fight: 28.07 miles run

JP Welliver