Another Day Complete!

Dear World,

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

This past week, I surpassed my 700th mile on the journey to 1000. And while I hit the $10,000 goal at the end of July in month 7, I will admit my momentum has gotten a bit weaker. But my determination is still strong as I work toward the 1000th mile and new goal of $16,000.

16,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year...that’s two classrooms of children per day.


Please consider joining the fight with me as I work to keep hope and momentum alive in these last 4 months of fundraising.

Everyone deserves hope. Everyone deserves a chance.

Consider donating. Consider sharing my mission with others.

Help me keep the fire ignited within my soul alive as we work to find the cure.

Much love and appreciation to all, 
Mr. Sunshine ☀️

Day 249 Of The Fight: 707.33 Miles Run

JP Welliver